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The GATEO system for folding gates is a patented mechanism that transforms a conventional swing gate into a modern, super practical folding gate.

The GATEO system solves the problem of the space needed to open the gate because it occupies half the space occupied by a traditional double-leaf gate, and while opening, it does not enter the fence line as a sliding gate does. This creates many new opportunities for entry, while preserving the traditional aesthetics of swing gates.

The GATEO system is designed and manufactured so that it can be applied to practically any gate structure with any fill, both during production and to the existing gates. To automate a gate with the GATEO system, simply install the standard drive for swing gates.

Thanks to an innovative idea behind our patented solution, the gate does not come into contact with the ground, which together with the robust design and materials used, ensures durability and reliability in all conditions.



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