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GATEO system


The GATEO solution introduces the next utterly new generation of the fence gate. It is a folding gate. As in garage doors, traditional swing doors have been replaced by up-and-over gate and segmented doors. Everything indicates that the folding door is gradually going to replace traditional solutions. It offers similar benefits- space saving, convenience, functionality, reliability and aesthetic values.

The GATEO system solves the problem of the required space during opening the gate, because it occupies half the space compared to a traditional double-leaf gate. Additionally while opening it does not enter the fence line as in the case of a sliding gate. This creates many new possibilities for the location of entrances, maintaining at the same time the traditional aesthetics of swing gates.

It is designed and manufactured in such way that it can be used for any door structure with any filling – both during production and for existing gates. To automate the gate with the GATEO system, it is enough to install a standard swing gate drive.

The innovative idea of ​​our patented solution is the lack of contact between the door and the ground, which, combined with the solid workmanship and used materials, ensures durability and reliability in all conditions.

The folding door can be a great solution in many cases where the use of traditional solutions is difficult or visually inappropriate, but also when we want to have an easy-to-use and functional product. Due to the fact that it is possible to select its parameters appropriately in terms of individual needs, it will certainly satisfy the most demanding customer.

What else is worth knowing about the GATEO system?

GATEO folding doors consist of several panels, which are connected by durable and tightly mounted hinges with a rack and pinion mechanism. The rack and pinion mechanism is so designed that it allows for synchronous opening and closing of the gate leaves.

Opening the gate and its closing is exceedingly smooth, and the forces acting on the mechanism are balanced, which allows for a long trouble-free operation.

The entire GATEO mechanism is a closed system, with no access to internal moving parts, which is an important factor in the safety of use.

Gates with the GATEO system can be available either with an electric drive or adapted for independent, manual operation. In addition, it is possible to use standard button-controlled drives or digitally coded controllers or actuated by a smartphone application, thanks to which the comfort of operating the door becomes even higher. Folding gates can be successfully used as an element of private homes but also many times are found in industrial fences.

The folding door works especially quietly and smoothly, regardless of whether it is opened automatically or manually. It also does not require complicated and frequent maintenance operations. In the case of a gate with an electric drive, it is worth knowing that it does not consume a lot of energy, making it friendly to our wallet.

The GATEO gate allows you to save space due to its space-saving design. Deciding to install it, the customer can elect how it should look like and what functionality it should have. Folding doors are resistant to intensive use and the influence of unfavorable weather conditions, therefore deciding to install it guarantees that it will serve us for a long time.

GATEO gates always prove themselves in all cases, not only when there is no possibility of using traditional solutions. Reliability is their particular advantage.

Gates with the GATEO system can be successfully installed in such way that they open both to the inside and outside of the property. It is also possible to choose panels or forged elements according to individual needs. The gate itself can open to one or two sides. The shape, size of the gate and the number of panels are selected in accordance with the requirements and expectations of a particular customer.

Gates with the GATEO system can be made in many stylistic versions, perfectly matching both modern houses and buildings in a traditional style.

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